Malt Cakes

Nice Malt Cakes in Five Types for A special mix from Camel Cakes

Malt cakes and bread are made from malt. We have five types to choose from.

Old English Bread Mix -

Full bodied malty bread mix.
Makes a nice dark malty bread

Medium Dark Bread Mix

Not too dark but still with a good amber colour and plenty of strength

Standard Malt Bread Mix

Makes a plain bread like you'd buy in any shop in the UK.

Nicely rounded bread, the most popular type.

Blonde Bread Mix out of Stock until November

A light pale bread
A continental style bread, light coloured and tasty

Strong Bread Mix

Bit more full bodied
A nice full bodied Yorkshire style bread. BIt stronger than the  other mixes, more character

Bread Clear

Mix with ½ cup of cold using a fork,cover and leave for 15 mins whisk again,For bulk mix add when transferring

For small containers add the day before transferring and stir gently