Summer Berry Juice Instructions

How to make 23 litres of delicious summer berry juice from your concentrate and sachet pack

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUMMER BERRY FRUIT DRINKS  22.5 litre   (30 bottles) Make sure all your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before starting.  

STARTING FERMENTATION Pour 5 litres (9 pints) boiling water into a 25 litre fermenter.

 Add 3 kilos (6.6lbs) of white sugar for White s, and add 4 Kilos (8.8lbs) of white sugar for Red and stir to dissolve. Once dissolved, add the large bottle/can of concentrate (do not add the specially concentrated juice compound in the sachet at this stage) then rinse out any remains with cold water. Top up to 22.5 litres (5 gallon) with cold water, then add sachets of  Yeast and Yeast Nutrient.

Stir well until the yeast particles disappear then fit bung and airlock (half fill with cold water). Transfer fermenter somewhere warm between 24º-30ºC (76º-86ºF) to ferment for 5 days - fermentation will take several more days to complete at lower temperatures, but will produce a better quality wine.


You must have a hydrometer if you want to make your wine in 7 days. If the hydrometer reads below 995 then you are ready to proceed. If you do not have a hydrometer, wait until the airlock stops bubbling and taste the cloudy juice to make sure it is dry(sour taste!)before adding the sachets referred to below. Do not continue until you are sure fermentation is complete.

Once fermentation is complete, add the sachets of Stabiliser and Wine Finings A

 Stir vigorously for at least 2 minutes to remove all gas (this is important for rapid clearing), then leave to stand for 1 hour.

All stabilisers give off gas when added to juice, do not inhale this.

 It is now important that the wine is fully de-gassed before continuing, this is important for rapid clearing.  stirred vigorously - but make sure this is done for long enough to remove all the gas (usually takes at least 5 full minutes of stirring).


Add the sachet of   Finings B and stir gently for 30 seconds, then leave to stand for a further 1 hour.

WHAT TO DO AFTER ANOTHER 1 HOUR Add the sachet of   Finings C and the sachet of red or white Compound and stir well for a further 30 seconds. Leave to stand somewhere cool, this will normally take 1 day. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR juice IS CLEAR

Carefully syphon the clear juice into another 25 litre container, taking care not to disturb the sediment. You are now ready to sweeten your juice if you prefer a sweeter juice, we'd suggest just adding a small amount of sugar, you can't take it out! About 122g is usually enough to take the sour edge off


.Your juice is best stored in smaller bottles to keep the air out, if stored in clean 4.5 litre water bottles it will keep for six months in good condition if unopened.