Fruit Juice Packs From "Summer Berries"

30 Bottle concentrated extract  from "Summer Berries"

These   weigh just under 2Kg and contains abut a litre of juice concentrate.

They have screw caps and will make 30 bottles of juice.

We include a free pack of baking yeast and clearing agents.

We can't ship these overseas, they do fit in your luggage though. You'll have to check your airline is ok with a Litre of juice in your suitcase!


Red "Summer Berry" Jucie Concentrate

Concentrated red juice to make 30 bottles of fruit juice

Requires 4 Kg of sugar to sweeten

Includes a free baking pack!

White "Summer Berry" Juice concentate

to make 30 bottles of fruit juice, 23. 5 litres.

Requires 3 kg of sugar to sweeten